Monday, 14 October 2013

Little mitts for chilly digits

Size 12-18 months

These mitts are without a thumb, because who can get a tiny thumb to stay in the thumb bit?  Who can even get mitts to stay on, honestly?  At least these are super quick to make...

Please contact me if you find an error and I'll be pleased to correct it!  I hope you enjoy these mitts and will consider following my blog.  Please don't sell this pattern or items based on it - it's for your personal enjoyment only.  If you want to sell items made from this pattern then contact me and we can work something out!  :-)

You will need:

DK wool (I used Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle Effect DK); about 24g = 86yd or 79m.
3mm and 4mm crochet hooks
tapestry needle for weaving in ends
safety pin (for use as stitch marker)

Key to abbreviations:

ch = chain
sc = UK single crochet
dc = UK double crochet
inc = increase by making two dc into the stitch below
dec = decrease by dc two stitches together
{inst} n times = repeat instructions within {}, n times.
[tot] = stitch total at end of round
This pattern is written in UK terms throughout.  To convert to US terms, note that UK dc = US sc, and UK sc = US sl st.

Mitten Pattern (make 2)

With 4mm hook...


1)  Ch 8.  Make 1 dc in 2nd ch from hook, then dc in each ch to end.  Turn.  [7]
2)  Ch 1, dc into back loop of each of the 7 stitches.  Turn.  [7]
... repeat row (2) a further 17 times.
20)  Bring the work into a loop, aligning the 7 starting ch with the row you are about to work.  Ch 1, then dc into each of the 7 stitches, making each stitch through the back loop of the previous dc row AND the bottom of the matching starting ch.  If you catch the starting yarn tail into this row too, then you won't have to sew it in later!


From here you will work in the round (continuous spirals).  Use the safety pin to keep track of the starting place.
21)  Turn your work by 90 degrees and continue working around the top of the cuff.  Make 20 dc around the top of the cuff by working into the row ends.  [20]
22)  {3 dc, inc} 5 times.  [25]
23)  1 dc, {inc, 5 dc} 4 times.  [29]
24)  dc around.  [29]
... repeat round (24) a further 12 times
37)  2 dc, dec, {4 dc, dec} 4 times, 1 dc.  [24]
38)  {dec, 2 dc} 6 times.  [18]
39)  {1 dc, dec} 6 times.  [12]
40)  {dec} 6 times.  [6]
41)  Turn mitt inside out and pinch top opening together so that the 6 dc are aligned into 3 pairs.  Make 3 sc through the 3 pairs of stitches to close the hole.  Fasten off.

If you like you can make a ribbon joining the mitts to thread up the sleeves of your child's coat and round their back.  I recommend making sc up the inside of one cuff, then changing to a 3mm hook and making ch stitches until the cord is long enough.  Finally, change back to a 4mm hook to sc down inside the other mitt.