Saturday, 19 September 2015

Little gifts for a little girl

I have lots of pink quilting fabric left over, so sorry if you're having a little girl!

Baby Isla gets three dribble bibs with fleece backing (design as road-tested on the current Baby Button).  She also gets a taggy blanket, where the design (incorporating crinkly noises) has been shamefully ripped off from my lovely friend who made one for Baby Button.  He adores his!  Sorry for copying, lovely friend... :-)

Toddler Button cut the ribbons for me.  There's a long ribbon with velcro on, so baby Isla can have it on her pram or car-seat or whatever.

Baby Isla's name is a felt appliqué, using double-sided fusible and top-stitching.

This was lots of fun to make!  It felt like such a treat to ignore the curtains and make baby things.  Awwwwh babies...

Friday, 18 September 2015

Cushions, three years late

While waiting for my first little tyrant baby to arrive, I made a lot of cushions.  I also bought the fabric, piping cord, sponge etc. for several more which never got done.  Until now, because Mr B made encouraged me finish them.

For baby Button's room (which is now occupied by a different baby than the original), there is a big square cushion.

Check out the awesome piping made from leftover fabric from this dress.  I am very excited to say that I can now wear it again (the dress, not the cushion, ha ha), because DIET.

There is a button back, so I can wash the baby sick out.   If the cushion was not so plump and bulging, I'll have you know that the bunting pattern actually matches perfectly!  If you want to know the pattern for this cover, you can find my tutorials here.

I also made a foam seat pad for the Lloyd loom chair in baby's room, with a box cover.  Mr B cut the foam with a kitchen knife because I'm too chicken.

There is a lapped zipper, again for baby sick washing purposes.  I went back and forward about how to place the pattern around the pad edges, and ended up going for a bunting string at the top, with the tips of boat masts pointing into it.

I have to show you this shot of the edge, because you HAVE to know how well the pattern matching went across the zip insertion!  LOOK I BISECTED THE WIND-VANE ON THE LIGHTHOUSE PERFECTLY!  LOOK!  It totally calls for capslock because, let's be honest, this pattern win doesn't happen much.  Mostly my pattern matching is poor on a good day, even when I'm trying super hard.  This happened when I wasn't even caring too much!  Maybe that is the key?!

There's also another seat cushion for the downstairs Lloyd loom chair, which would look more lovely if the chair was not usually covered in blanket-fort blankets and used to prop up 200 plastic play balls and a lurid play pit.  Don't look too close at the stripe matching at the front edge of the seat because the fabric crept and now it doesn't-quite-match which I think we can all agree is the worst sort of matching.  Now you can understand why I needed capslock about the above wind-vane.

I'll be honest, I had a pretty bad attitude about doing these, but I'm pretty happy with my job in the end.  Too bad I didn't do them 3 years ago.