Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday sewing...

I've been meaning to make myself a peg bag for a while, to save myself having to carefully align the pegs in order to fit them into a stupid ice-cream carton.  No-one has time for that kind of nonsense (that is, peg alignment, not sewing).

My finished peg bag is above.  I'm not all that happy with it, to be honest.  The funky fabric is really the only redeeming feature of this bag.  However, in the interests of honesty, I'm sharing my sewing disasters.

I made the pattern, and although the pegs fill all the way up to the seam-line on the front, I still think the bag is a little too deep.  That seam-line on the front would also look better a tad lower.  The hanger is a wooden children's hanger, but one could just buy wooden adult hangers and saw the ends off.

The bias binding around the openings is too narrow, and not applied at all well (so no close-ups for you - ha!).  In this instance, it was laziness because I found this matching bias binding I'd made years ago, and I didn't want to make more.

In addition, although I used fusible interfacing on the lining for stiffness, I also used volume fleece as an interlining to give it more body.  It turns out that it wasn't such a good idea, and really the resultant bag would have been better interlined with a lightweight batting, with extra quilting on the front or inside.  My bag is much too flumpy and doesn't look neat and tidy as a result - the outside fabric floats uncomfortably over the multiple layers inside.  Oddly, this approach had worked really well on some previous bags I made (see here), but the distribution of weight is very different as they are top-opening, which I think is what saves the day.

The opening looks great on paper, but pulls oddly when the bag is filled.  Perhaps a circular hole would be better next time?

I was going to decorate the front with appliqué and buttons and grosgrain ribbon, but really who wants to throw good notions after bad?

Oh well, at least I get a functional peg-bag, and it's been a learning experience.  The next one will totally be heaps better.

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