Sunday, 1 December 2013

Tiny Santa Hat

Hello m'dears!

It's advent Sunday, so I've made my first batch of 14 mince-pies, listened to some carols and made a teeny-tiny Santa hat to adorn my secret Santa gift for the WI Christmas dinner tomorrow.  Shhhh - don't tell or they'll know it was me!  (If you are reading from my WI then I'm impressed, and don't give me away on Monday...)

Here's how to make your own, should you wish to make gift-tags or tree decorations from them.  Please contact me if you find an error and I'll be pleased to correct it!  I hope you enjoy it and will consider following my blog.  Please don't sell this pattern or items based on it - it's for your personal enjoyment only.  If you want to sell items made from this pattern then contact me and we can work something out!  :-)

You will need:

DK wool scraps in red and white
3mm crochet hook
tapestry needle for weaving in ends
safety pin (for use as stitch numarker)

Key to abbreviations:

ch = chain
sc = UK single crochet
dc = UK double crochet
tr = UK treble crochet
dec = decrease by dc two stitches together
[tot] = stitch total at end of round
This pattern is written in UK terms throughout.  To convert to US terms, note that UK tr = US dc, UK dc = US sc, and UK sc = US sl st.


1)  In white, make a slip stitch onto your hook.  ch 18.
2)  Join into loop by making a dc into your starting ch.  dc around.  [18]
3)  dc around.  [18]
4)  Switch to red.  dc around in back loops.  [18]
5)  dec, 7 dc, dec, 7 dc.  [16]
6)  3 dc, dec, 6 dc, dec, 3 dc.  [14]
7)  1 dc, dec, 5 dc, dec, 4 dc.  [12]
8)  4 dc, dec, 4 dc, dec.  [10]
9)  1 dc, dec, 3 dc, dec, 2 dc.  [8]
10)  dec, dec.
11)  Switch to white.  dc, then make a popcorn stitch as follows:  into the next stitch, tr 5 times (all into the same stitch).  Remove the hook from the loop currently on it (to leave it hanging "free"), insert your hook under the bar made by the first tr, then pull the "free" loop through.  Finally, make a sc into one of the other stitches at the top of the hat to close it.  Bind off and sew in ends.

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