Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The entire month of October

Check out the sidebar on my blog and you'll notice the month of October last year has a record number of posts, and not in a good way!  I posted a big-old ONCE.  Maybe you enjoyed the break from my sewing/knitting prattling on.  After Christmas, I can finally show you the present I spent all my waking hours on in October.

It's the Morticia MKAL (mystery-knit-along, dudes) for Hallowe'en by Boo Knits.  For those not into Ravelry (I'm looking at YOU, Mr S Knowles, ha ha), the designer releases one clue a week.  You try to keep up with the other people knitting around the world, and gradually the pattern reveals itself in time for 31st October.  Exciting times for a knitter!

After you finish knitting what looks like a holey dishcloth, you soak it for three hours and then stretch and pin it out to dry in your son's playpen.  Because that's what playpens are for: keeping your baby away from your knitting.

Check it out: there are beads to be placed with a tiny crochet hook!

There are dingly-dangly bits and a picot bind off!  This shawl has it all, but it didn't get my house cleaned for me while I was knitting it.

I used 100% mulberry silk undyed yarn, and size 6 beads that are supposed to look like pearls.  A shout out to the lovely Fleece Cottage Yarns, who sourced the lot for me, corrected my horrific yarn-overs and knitted along too (see here).  You should totally go there and buy her lovely lovely yarn.  I'm going to pay a visit with my Christmas pennies... ;-)

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