Saturday, 15 February 2014

Playing with fabric design

I've been toying with the idea of producing "make your own shirt" packs, where the pieces are pre-printed onto the fabric.  To that end, I've been fiddling with some fabric designs, although now that I'm faced with infinite possibilities I really can't decide what I want!

(All images below at 5"x5" swatch size.)

Firstly, we have the giraffe option.   I really can't decide what background colour is best, and I'm not too happy with the green.  I was thinking pale blue, but then the contrast is poor with the yellow.

There's also a herd of cattle:

The design I got the furthest with is the toadstools.  I've actually laid out a yard of fabric for a shirt in this fabric, with with the underside of the collar and the inside of the collar stand, sleeve turnings and plackets in a matching red dot fabric.

Too much?  All a bit bright?  Or would you buy it?


  1. Hi Alice,
    I think it's a great idea and I like the green giraffe print. I'm sure there are lots of young Mums who would like to try making clothes but either don't gave the confidence or the time to get started. This would ease them into the process nicely. I love your blog but sometimes it's a bit technical! Have you got the Vogue book of sewing? I highly recommend it for it's detailed instructions and good diagrams for garment construction.

    Love Anne (Lizzie's Mum)

    1. Hello Anne! Thanks for your lovely comment! I have been following your delightful etsy shop :-)
      I don't have the vogue book of sewing, do you mean this one?
      I do have "Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing", though, which she based on an old Vogue one. It's great!
      Still not finished my first quilt: for shame! My quilting skills are letting my patchwork efforts down, I feel, but overall my procrastination skills are top notch...

      Alice x

  2. Hi Alice,

    Mine is older than that so only available second hand, but I think the older ones are more comprehensive. The Best one of all is the one with a purple cover but I've never managed to track that down.

    I am learning to crochet but will never be able to follow a pattern (same with knitting) so I don't see any chameleons in my future!

    Don't give up on the quilt - you have all the necessary skills to get it done easily, I just suspect you don't have the time right now!
    I'll let you know the ISBN of my Vogue book when I come across it!

    Nice to be in touch.