Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Blackcurrant tea loaf: improved version

I'm waiting for my apple and blackberry crumble to finish baking, so I can't go to bed until it's out of the oven.  Therefore, I thought I'd bring you my updated blackcurrant tea-loaf recipe, previously blogged here.

Regrettably, I note I'd previously misspelled "sugar" on my ingredients list: the shame!

Below is the improved version, as road-tested on my parents-in-law last weekend.  In this version, the quantities of sugar are reduced and the blackcurrants are used frozen rather than stewed.  I think this is much better: the cake tastes much sweeter (oddly) and looks prettier as the fruit remains localised rather than smashed throughout the cake.

I also recommend frozen blackberries in place of the blackcurrants, and blueberries would probably work well too.  Blackberries are fun: the fruit appears to vaporise during the baking process, leaving tasty purple blackberry-shaped voids, but no actual berries.

Sadly I'm almost through the blackcurrant harvest from last year.  It'll be mincemeat cakes after this, to use up the jars in the cupboard.

ARGGH I still can't stop spelling them "currents".  What is WRONG with me?

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