Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Mr Sneeze packed the things he'd need for his journey (mainly handkerchiefs)...

The internet does not sell Pocoyo-branded hankies.  The internet only supplies ugly overpriced children's handkerchiefs.  Toddler Button is OBSESSED with Pocoyo, and he also likes to put a tissue in his pocket because Grannie showed him how.  I do not like tissue washes, and now I have a huge amount of tiny pockets to check.

On a separate note, I am not too hot at rolled hems on my sewing machine.  I also have a large amount of awkwardly sized selvedges in cheap poly-cotton left from making curtains.

I have solved all these problems!  I have practised my rolled hemming on 9" square bits of curtain lining to produce 10 neat hankies.  I have also printed 2" square images of Pocoyo and his friends on iron-on inkjet t-shirt transfer paper.  (Mr Sneeze and Mr Silly included as bonus hankies.)  BAM!  Free (or almost-free) hankies that Toddler should love.  Not a moment too soon, as I caught him pilfering a tissue from the kitchen drawer this morning and trying to shove it up his sleeve.

Toddler owns over 10 Mr Men books, but will only allow me to read Mr Sneeze (fortunately handkerchief appropriate) and Mr Silly.  This is because he thinks that Mr Silly is rewarded with a drill at the end of the book.  It's actually the "Nonsense Cup for Silliest Idea of the Year", but there's no persuading him that a drill isn't actually the better prize.

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