Saturday, 20 June 2015

I got distracted and made a baby sling

I got distracted from my true purpose which ought to be finishing that spotty dress I mentioned, or at the very least continuing my efforts in the outfit along.

I decided that Baby Button has reached an age where he can no longer be relied upon to sleep through toddler group (although he's basically slept most of today, so maybe I'm wrong about that).  I need a nice new sling so I can hold him while I chop 20 toddler bowls of fruit*!  One that is quicker to put on than my current one, and because I can't really justify a new sling, one that is preferably free.

I remembered the Pea Pod Hip Carrier!  It's an awesome free pattern!  (The instructions are very clear and complete too, especially if you're a photo-tutorial sort of person.)

I did a dive into my upholstery fabric remnant collection and found the remaining fabric from my kitchen chair cushions.  I also found some double-sided fusible and a cheap tesco fleece blanket which served as the "fusible fleece" the pattern calls for.  I also added some firm iron-on interfacing on all pieces.  Finally, I used the double-sided fusible and a remnant of matching pink silk from my collection to line the inside of the long shoulder strap, which would otherwise have looked odd as my fabric is only printed on one side.  (Yes, it will probably bubble apart in the middle as it's tugged through the buckle but who cares, it won't actually come away from the strap as it's stitched at the edges.)  I even found the rest of the matching thread spool!

Check it.  Matching lining like a PRO.  (Matches better in real life than this dodgy photo.)

The sling didn't end up completely free.  I wanted to use a salvaged side-release buckle that Mr B had saved, but he said to buy new ones instead because "baby".  He's probably right.  So I paid £3 for some new buckles, and I splashed out a totally unnecessary £2 for 10 matching clips so I can add the clip for my keys.  What should I do with the remaining 9 clips?  (Ideas please!)  So, the sling cost me a fiver.

Lookie!  Adorable matching key clip on a little tag!

Anyway, long story short, it's very comfortable and it's hard to take photos of baby in it when he wants to grab the camera.  But I hope you don't come to this blog for the photography.

Baby said "chhhhhhh" (90s modem sound) which translates as: "Look!  A baby over there with a lady who looks like Mummy!  I'll smile at him!"

* When toddler Button was this age, he sat in a baby walker at toddler group and watched the chaos.  It was all good until his friend decided to feed him crayons.  I cannot use the baby walker this time around, because toddler and his friends like to get in it themselves and push each other up and down the hall as fast as they can.  It's pretty hilarious, but not if baby is the passenger.

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  1. This is all marvellous and clever...but I'm commenting because I love your hair! Cx