Saturday, 23 March 2013

My first attempt at pattern cutting!

I'm super excited!  While baby button has been napping I've had chance to draft my own shirt pattern!

I'm using this fab textbook that my mum got me for Christmas, recommended by one of her clever friends who knows lots about these things (hello there, if you're reading!).

Anyway, I'm loving the book.  It's really clear and methodical, and I'm a big fan of neat measurements, step-by-step processes and comprehensive tables, so a big thumbs up so far.  The book also has super clear diagrams and line-art and tonnes of examples of adapting the basic blocks to loads of lovely clothes.  Probably the limit will be my imagination here.  I'm excited to do lots more, but I think the shirt will be a good simple start.

I'm afraid I have an abhorrence of books that declare "It's so easy!".  I can't help feeling that I'm not getting my moneys worth if all the difficult things worth learning from a book have been omitted.  Of course you do need to own a good book of the basics, but if the basics are repeated in the first 3 chapters of every sewing book you own, that's a lot of wasted paper.  Fortunately, since the above book appears to be aimed at students looking towards a career in pattern cutting, there's none of the "Easy-peasy!" jolly-ing along, which I find gets in the way of the content.  (It might indeed be easy, but I'm not going to give up on my project if you forget to remind me of the easiness every page.)

Anyhow, I'm starting a shirt with separate collar and stand and short sleeves in size 12 months.  I'm planning to offer shirts based on this pattern in the shop, so watch this space!  There will also be a girlie version, I think, when I get around to it.

This pattern cutting lark is awesome so far, but the proof will be in the muslin...

On my sewing table today.

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