Monday, 18 March 2013

Sewing set

This sewing set is in three parts:  a pincushion, a pencil case (for dressmaking pencils) and a needle-book for storing sewing machine needles.  I made these originally as a gift for a sewing friend.

The needle-book I find particularly handy since the needles never seem to go back into the little plastic cases they come with in any sensible way.  Plus, I can never tell what I left in my machine: was it a ballpoint 70 or a sharps 80?!  Well, this problem to be solved by the end of this series of tutorial posts.  (Wow, that makes me sound a bit wierd... do I really care about my machine needles so much?)

Sorry for the lack of photos-as-you-go: I shall have my camera at the ready next time.  I've tried to provide diagrams instead.

I'll come back and edit this entry to link to the tutorials as I post them.

The tutorials are as follows:
  • Pincushion (here)
  • Dressmaking-pencil case (here)
  • Machine-needle book (here)

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