Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Speedy woolly things.

Whoa.  I know I've not posted for an age, but I've been in a self-enforced exile as I put aside all blog-posting, housework and general life in a bid to keep up with the MKAL!  (That's Mystery Knit Along, to the un-ravelrised.)  I finally finished it a few days after the deadline (so I lose), but I'm back in the real world now.  It was fun, but you don't get pictures until after Christmas.  ;-)

Before the MKAL begun, I started things rolling on our house-decorating by moving my sewing room 8ft in the downwards direction: (0, 0, -8)ft for those tagging along with this blog for the maths.  The living room looks much better for the addition of sewing and wool gubbins, but I'm still working on child-proofing it.  The ex-sewing room will be painted this weekend.

In addition to the sewing room moving, I speedily finished most of Hello Chameleon except his eyes.  I'm writing up the pattern with LaTeX because I'm a massive geek.  I'll probably get the pattern tested as soon as his limbs are attached and I've finished typing it all up, then I'm thinking of offering it for sale.  I also took some pictures to do a few crochet how-tos, which should help people follow along with the non-standard way I construct my crochet toys.

Right now I'm making a crochet turnip (that's right), and a bunch more fenland veggies for a friend.  The patterns will probably be free unless I'm unexpectedly delighted with the results.  Turnip is pretty simple so far, but it's always a joy to make purple vegetables.

Right, that's all for now, and I'm sorry for the lack of pictures.  I promise more soon, perhaps when Hello Turnip is complete!  ;-)

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