Saturday, 9 November 2013

Well, hello there, Mr Chameleon!

Finally I finished my chameleon!

There need to be more photos in the cold light of day, but since it's now winter and therefore dismal and dull, it's unlikely the light will be much better.  I couldn't resist posting a preview, just in case a sunny day with no rain for outside photography doesn't arrive for weeks.

I'm pretty pleased, so now I need to write the pattern out ready for testing.  I might tinker with the colour change directions a bit, for those mad enough to follow all the yarn-switching.  I really recommend self-striping wool for this project instead though:  the only reasons I did yarn changes were a) to check the pattern directions would be correct, and b) to use my GLITTERY NAVY WOOL.  That's so exciting it calls for CAPSLOCK.

In other news, I'm still making crochet fenland vegetables for a friend and I've made two so far.  Patterns and pictures for a turnip and butternut squash to follow...

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