Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I'm going to bias bind EVERYTHING.

Sewists* of the internet!  For years I have been baffled by your impeccably bias-bound seams.  For a time, I thought it was just the camera angle, but then you started to post close-ups.  Close-ups!  I ask you!  I was despairing in my soddy and wonky binding.  I began to avoid binding.  The thought of a Hong Kong seam made me shiver.

No more!  Your secret is out!  Mwa ha ha.  My husband has bought me perfect bias binding for my birthday (18 again of course, but I won't say which base that's written in).  Now I finish binding with ease.  Take THAT, Sorbetto top!

* I hate the term sewist; I'd say "sew-er".  However, it turns out it's indistinguishable from the the infrastructure that conveys sewage when written.

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