Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sorbetto: the revenge of polka dots

You get a hastily taken wonky image of this one.  Told you it's not a photography blog.  My left hand is being dragged away by a toddler who is in a huff.

I'm not wild about my fabric choice here.  It's a bit Minni Mouse, and polka dots on the binding AND the main fabric?  What was I thinking?  I'll tell you what I was thinking: I like red, and I like purple, and I like them together, and OH LOOK POLKA DOTS.  At no point did I envisage the unholy mess they'd be when placed together on this garment.  In addition, the fabric has too much body for this top.  It would make a lovely dress, but this top would be better in a cotton lawn or something.  If I tone it down with a cream cardigan it's totally good for layering, so I'll still wear it.

I made a bunch more pattern changes after my last post about fitting sorbetto.  I took another 1/2" off each side seam and shaped the CB even more.  In total, this lost another 3" around the waist.  This was because my husband described it as looking like a sack.  I also lowered the arm-holes a tad.  I think I'm finally done with pattern alterations.  It must have worked though; I wore the top for a whole day and didn't feel uncomfortable or self-conscious  in it, the way I do with some of my efforts when the fabric is pulling and the fit is bad.  The first day I spent in this dress was a saggy baggy hell.

Hey ho.  I think I'll make it more tastefully next time.  How about a lace yoke and plain bottom?  Or some nice pale broderie anglaise with a coloured trim?  Or a light chambray with pintucks instead of a centre pleat, and floral trim?

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  1. I totally sympathize with your bright colours and polka dots thought process. That is basically what happens to me every morning when I get dressed!