Monday, 5 August 2013

Gennaker Trousers finished!

Huzzah!  I have finally finished baby's outfit for the wedding!  I re-did the trouser pattern and sewed them up in double-quick time and with 6 days to spare.

The gabardine fabric for these trousers is as good as the shirt fabric is poor!  It's really soft and drapes beautifully, with a tight weave.  It also washed really well.  The photos don't show the colour too well, so you'll have to take it from me that the black didn't fade at all.  It was also lovely to sew with: it feels like you are making a proper pair of suit trousers.

I'm finally happy with this trouser pattern, I think.  I just need to replace the 1.5cm hem turn-up on the pattern that I forgot in my haste.  The back waistband is gathered with elastic, while the front is left smooth.  I lined the waistband with a fun blue and green floral print cotton.  The fly closure (which now appears in its rightful place on the centre front) is deep and shuts with 3 snap poppers and a big button - this will make it a lot easier than wrestling shop bought trousers over big nappies.  In addition, I made the construction such that the backs of the poppers are hidden from the front and inside of the trousers: they are concealed inside the fly construction.

I also managed to take a photograph of the big patch pockets on the bum.  You have to stretch the waistband to see them properly, so they're really better viewed with a baby in them.  I guess it's for him to store his collection of shredded carpet that he's creating in my living room?  He likes to scratch the pile up with his little fingers... I thought it was only puppies that did that?

I'm pretty thrilled with these so far.  I just need to make more trousers and take photos for the instructions, but it was pointless to take photos of black trousers made at night.  Even I could hardly see where the stitching was!  I'll probably make some jeans with contrast stitching for that purpose.  Then I might add fun details like belt loops and side pockets.  Apply now to be a pattern tester!  :-)

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