Friday, 2 August 2013

Tiny trousers, huge mistakes!

I finished my first effort at the Gennaker trousers.  At least I made them from some corduroy hanging about so they were effectively "free", which makes me feel less bad about the state of the pattern.  At least the execution was passable, despite my foolish choice of a thick fabric with some stretch and nap.

I took my own wriggly baby measurements with him in a nappy, just to ensure the trouser pattern would leave space for all the fluffiness of his cloth nappy.  It wasn't clear from my pattern book if baby measurements should be taken with one or not.  It turns out not: these are huge!  I tried to pull in fullness using the elastic bit at the back, but this makes the side seams pull away from the sides.  Complete fail.

Sadly by the time I got to finishing them, they're ankle-swingers on my tot.  The next pattern is already drafted: longer and slimmer.

Cuffs and topstitching on the legs
Sadly, I haven't got any reasonable pictures of the cute patch pockets on the bum.  The rest of the pictures are pretty rubbish at any rate!

Super-deep popper and button fly for easy application to wiggly child
I like the fly, even after all the faffing removing it from it's stupid place on the hips of the pattern.  It's deep and easy to put on the baby, and I managed to hide the popper fastenings from the trouser front. I went for a fun cotton waistband: I'll totally do that again!

So, in summary: a poor first attempt at trousers, but I'm totally going to crack this one before the wedding.  Only 8 days to go...

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