Friday, 10 May 2013

Sewing excitement: another shirt

I'm so excited, I finally managed to cut out a shirt for my little cabin-boy, based on my own Blooper pattern!  It's in this amazing coastal houses design by Makower, and it will be his first piece of red clothing:

Pleasingly, I got it out of 1/2 meter by some pretty stingy cutting, and so far all my seams line up.  The sleeves and collar will be the big test, though, and those are the bits I haven't sewn up yet.

I haven't decided yet whether to offer this pattern for sale yet, or just the finished shirts.  Just in case I'm taking instructional photographs as I go, and I have a volunteer who wants to make it up first (hello there!).

This clearly isn't a very useful blog post, but I had to share my sewing geekery excitement at breaking free of the commercial pattern racket.  With the exception of Burda magazine, they're getting ridiculously expensive.  Ye olde patterns had a coat, jacket, dress and skirt in one envelope; now you just get the skirt.  Bah.

I need to sew quickly: baby grows too fast!

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