Monday, 27 May 2013

A wooly week

Whoops, I've not posted in over a week!  That's not good.

What's on my sewing table is nothing, because I spent the week knitting.  I got scared because baby outgrew his last hand-knitted hoodie, so I rapidly had to finish the next size up, which only had half a sleeve left to go.  Just as well, because there isn't much growing room left in it!

After the hoodie, I got excited to knit with some Adriafil knitcol, so I bought some with my birthday pennies and started a jumper.

Finally, I finished adjustments on my Blooper shirt pattern.  I really need to draft a waistcoat and trouser pattern now; we have a wedding to go to in August!  I bought the fabric for the shirt and trousers today.

I really need to get on with patterns and stop being distracted with wool...

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