Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunning ourselves and not sewing

I've just written up my last cushion post (all are to be posted by the end of the week).  Hoorah!  I bet you are tired of cushions; I know I am.  Just think how bored I was by making the last one!  But then I had to make two further ones after that (which are dull and boring, so I won't share).  Plus, before that I'd done 6 seat pads.  I still have 2 cushions and 2 seat pads to go, but I can't honestly bring myself to tackle them just yet.  Bah.

The weather has been so good that I've been outside instead of sewing.  In addition, Mr Button has been flat on his back after an operation, so I've been just a little bit busy.  Pleasingly, baby fits in his Town Shirt; less pleasingly he chucked on it before I could get the camera (seriously: two minutes, argh).

In other sewing news, I finally finished the Blooper shirt pattern in the smaller 6 month size, so I'm looking forward to making it up in red coastal-town fabric.  It has lighthouses on it!

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