Saturday, 15 June 2013

Free baby pattern: Moonraker Waistcoat

I decided to give this pattern away for free - I hope you enjoy it!

The pattern is for a waistcoat in size 6 months, although it comes up large, probably similar in size to a lot of commercial 9-12 month size baby clothes that my baby wears.  That said, he is actually 6 months old, so the size designation is good for him!  The best way to decide if it will fit your little one is to measure some of their clothes and compare it to the pattern.

Get the pattern pieces here: clicky!
Get the instructions here: clicky again!

I made mine up in some fancy silk for a wedding, but I guess you could make it for casual wear too: it would be cute (and warm) in a pin-corduroy with a cotton back.

You need to print the pattern out on A4 paper at "actual size", or scale 100% (whatever your printer offers you); I've provided you some 5cm square boxes to check the scale.

I'm pleased with the construction method I devised - you won't need to finish any raw edges for this garment as they're all hidden inside the lining.  There's just one edge to hand-stitch shut at the end.  It's all in the instructions.  If you want to save on printer ink, the last page of the instructions is a summary, so you could just print out that page for reference when you've read the rest on screen.

Please don't reproduce this pattern or sell it (or any finished garments based on it).  It's intended just for your personal enjoyment.  If you like it, please consider following my blog - I hope I'll have more patterns for you soon!

To see more pictures of my version, see this previous post.  I'd love to see the waistcoats you make from this pattern: do send me pictures if you like!

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