Sunday, 16 June 2013

On my sewing table

Today I discovered that the once-giant red sun-hat won't go onto my child's head.  I never noticed the bit where it fit perfectly: perhaps that day wasn't sunny?!  So, on my sewing table is a partially-made bucket hat (from the pattern here).  It's in some loud patterned blue cotton.

I'm also starting a trouser pattern for baby.  I just measured some of my favourite trousers and the measurements seem a world away from any of the ones in my pattern-making book.  Tomorrow I'm going to attack wriggly baby with a measuring tape and do a custom-fit job.  Watch out for either (a) a pattern that fits a baby in cloth nappies, or (b) a cross mother with some new cotton dusters.

Meanwhile, on the woollen front, Stegosaurus is on iteration 3.  I failed to note that the row starting marker moves round by one stitch every four rows in the direction of stitching, so Stegosaurus mk2 was all twisty.  Eeep.  Still not made it to the fattest part of his body!  Argh!  I cannot post photos of the attempts because they look very rude.  However, I did buy some more brown wool, either for a monkey or a lemur... clearly I am confident the stegosaurus won't proceed to mk4!

This week looks like a busy one, so I'm not confident any of these projects are going to progress too far.  Boo.

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