Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Waistcoats and giraffes

I finally finished this little guy:

He contains a highly irritating shaker, as baby likes to hit things with toys.  I used someone else's pattern, see more information at Ravelry.  Next crochet pattern is a stegosaurus which I will be inventing myself, ha ha.  More likely it will be a straight-to-bin wonder; my current drawings of dinosaurs all look a bit slimming-world.

In other sewing news, I just finished and printed out a pattern for a waistcoat.  I'm so excited to try making it!  I googled for some more sail names to name it, and I settled on "moonraker".  It makes it sound very James Bond, but it's also a sail on a square rigger.  Who knew?  I'd better use some of the more tedious sail names soon, else it'll just look like my patterns have nutty names.

Time to raid my prom-dress off-cuts selection!  I'm thinking pink flowery brocade...

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