Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Knitty rainbow fun!

I've been neglecting my chameleon crochet and trouser making recently, because the chameleon is on its 5th pattern iteration, and the trousers had stupid errors in (see earlier mumblings).  I didn't feel too inspired.

I did feel inspired to finally finish the rainbow jumper for baby B with the amazing Adriafil Knitcol.  I chose quite a plain pattern (child's placket neck pullover by Joelle Hoverson), to show off the epic wool.
Pretty jumper front
The jumper pattern is fun to knit, but it's done top-up rather than bottom-down, which I find a bit peculiar.  It was my first time to use double-pointed needles (something I swore I'd never do), and my first attempt at magical Kitchener stitch.  I would totally make this pattern again, perhaps in plain wool for fun.  I read on Ravelry that this pattern can come up small, so I made size 2-4 years, and hopefully it will fit giant-baby at 1 year this winter.  Otherwise we must wait even longer to see the jumper on the model.
Jumper back
The knitcol is very fun to knit with.  I confess I stole the idea from my lovely friends who have also made knitcol baby jumpers/cardies.  I'm a bit late on the knitcol bandwagon, really.  I think the wool works best for children's clothes: they're small enough that the colour lengths go almost all the way across the body.  The result is a fun stripy effect, rather than the more mottled look you'd get on a bigger garment.  I was a bit fussy with the sleeves: I started a new ball for the second sleeve just so I could have the stripes exactly matching, rather than the almost-matching effect I was going to have if I didn't.  Perhaps I shouldn't have bothered, as the stitch direction reverses when you get to the placket, so the shoulders will never match each other anyway!

Mmmmm.... knitcol
I need to save some pennies to buy more epic knitcol.

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