Thursday, 18 April 2013

Finally finished that shirt pattern!

This has taken me an absolute age (gah!) because I had to stop to re-stock the shop, do a bunch of tedious mending and do the parish newsletter.  Plus, it's really hard to accurately draw with your left hand while feeding baby. Enough excuses!  It's done now, and all that remains is to separate the pages for A4 printing and try it out.

I think this pattern will be the first of many iterations, as this one has a separate collar stand but no back yoke, and I really want to do a yoke eventually.  Plus I want to put in more cute menswear details, and then do a girly version.  Start pestering me now if your child wants to be my girly-shirt tester!  (It'll be a 12 month size.)

I thought it would be fun to name my shirt iterations after sails, so I bring you... "The Blooper Shirt".  Clearly I had to start somewhere, and the blooper is clearly the most ridiculous and awesome of all the sails.  See here and here.  The alternative name for this sail is just as silly.

Blooper blooper blooper.

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