Monday, 29 April 2013

Sizing standards, grumble grumble.

It feels to me like there's been a bit of a blog silence here.  Mr Button is recovering from an operation and Baby Button is spreading food around the place, which means not much else is being accomplished.  Hey ho.

The Blooper Shirt v1.0 which I finished drafting some time ago appears quite large when I printed it out.  In an unexpectedly long baby nap, I decided to test this theory by measuring stuff.

The little mini-mode shirt in 6-9 month size seems to have the same dimensions as a lovely 9-12 month M&S shirt he has unworn in his drawer: whoops.  I guess he could have been wearing that!  These are only slightly smaller than the town shirt in 9-12 month size I made for him last month.  All of these are about 2cm smaller in length and width than my 12 month sized Blooper pattern.  Some calculations from my pattern drafting size charts reveal that had I drafted a 6 month size for the blooper shirt then it would match the aforementioned commercial shirts.

It's not news that clothes from different shops are different sizes, but I'm still irked at the discrepancy.  The mini-mode shirt is similar in size to all the other 6-9 month clothes that Baby Button has, and he's between 6-9 and 9-12 ranges at the moment.  I'm surprised that my pattern-cutting textbook would have him in a 6 month size: that means the book drafts come up large compared to most commercial ranges.  Also I have to draft a new shirt to try it on my model.  Bummer.

On another note, I realise that this blog already at 1/4 the number of page views (in total) of my most popular post at the Splendid Fishpaste Auditorium.  Amusingly this post is about a really dull Fortran gotcha.  Dearest internet: you have strange tastes.

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