Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tree cushion

The design for this cushion front is entirely due to the very talented Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew.  Check out her amazing quilts!  She posted this tutorial here: clicky.  I have copied her tree design exactly as it's awesome.

A couple of changes I made:
  • I ironed small scraps of double-sided fusible to slightly larger scraps of fabric in a bid to save on both materials and minimize glue accidentally getting on my iron sole-plate.
  • The cream fabric behind the tree is a heavier weight fabric from the curtains and upholstery department, rather than a thin quilting cotton.  I thought this would hold the tree flatter and get less distorted by the layers of fabric and stitches.
  • The cushion back is made from a sandwich of quilting cotton and the same cream fabric as the front.  This makes it more robust (see my tutorial here).
  • The cushion is large, about 20.5" each side.
  • I went for machine satin-stitching (close zig-zags) around the applique to stop the fabric fraying with repeated wear.

This tutorial is part of a series:

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