Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Easter

Ahoy there!

Happy Easter me hearties.  We took baby Button to his grandparents for Easter, so there's been a break in the stitching for a few days.  However, I did get some quality knitting time in which I started on the sleeves for baby's cardigan.

I know the shop is now empty again (boo hoo!) but never fear: I've ordered some cute new fabrics to re-stock it with nappy related goodies.  I can't wait for them to arrive!  Hopefully I'll be able to stock more than a single item soon.  ;-)

Before I went away, I re-drafted my shirt pattern again using a vector graphics program.  I hope I can share some neat (and some rather hacky) tricks to draw out patterns in Inkscape.  Coming soon, I guess!

On my sewing table is yet another pushchair rain-cover to mend.  Bah.  The fabric trim on those things is stitched on, and the stitch-holes seem to act as a "tear here" line in the cold weather!  Unfortunately I don't know a better way of fixing them other than adding more tape and stitches over the tears, which means more weak points for next winter.  Hey ho.  There'll have to be quite a bit of tape before baby Button can't actually see through it all, so probably we're okay for a bit!

Before any more stitching from me, I've got some serious cushion-related posts for you.

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