Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dullard no-pictures post.

Hello m'dears.

I hope you've all got your wool out for Mr Stegosaurus!  ;-)  It was quite a push to get that pattern out, so I hope you'll forgive the silence on the posting front.  Unfortunately baby prefers other toys which are more jangly, because I was so wound up about whether the stegosaurus looked like a beige poo that I forgot to put a bell in him.  Anyways, the pattern is now on Ravelry here (so you can queue it, ha ha), but of course it just links to this blog for the pattern.  I'm planning the next crochet pattern already!  (Shhhh...)

In other news, my lovely pattern tester (hello there!) has finished her version of the Blooper shirt and she's made a super job of it!  This means that when I get time for some last tweaks, I can release the pattern to the world.  Look out, dudes.

On the sewing front, I've almost finished the white long-sleeve shirt to go with the waistcoat.  I'm still disappointed in the fabric, but it looks better as a shirt.  I've not had chance to add buttons or button-holes yet, or to try sewing up the trousers.  I'm going to trial downstairs sewing to boost productivity, but probably not this week as I've got secret crochet to complete!

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