Monday, 15 July 2013

Moar hats!!!!!!!one!!

I feel like I'm going to have to begin every post with an apology for blog silence!  Perhaps you should all just expect reduced posting frequency here.  Baby is becoming more active so I can't be sitting at the computer much any more.  It's his least favourite thing for mummy to do (excepting hoovering).  In addition, those of you who are my facebook buddies will already be fed up of hearing about the comedy-of-errors that is our fridge breaking, swiftly followed by our kettle being recalled (no tea, argghhhh).  Our back-up kettle has just leaked a large volume of water all over the 240V connection.  SAFE.   So mostly I have been trying to diagnose faulty refrigeration devices, moving thermocouples around and buying chest freezers.

My sewing machine has been busy!  I finished two hats for friends' babies, which had to be a quick job before the heatwave ended and they grew bigger.  Fortunately the forecast indicates they have another week to wear them at least :-)  I really like the fabric combinations they picked out of my stash.

Quilting cottons

Cotton twill lined with printed silk

I've almost done the long-sleeved shirt for the wedding outfit: I'll post about that later when I finally take some pictures.

In other more wooly news, I finished the mystery crochet which I'll post a picture of another day.  I'm starting to sketch for my next crochet pattern!  The stegosaurus seems popular and I hope most of the pattern errors have now been ironed out.  I find it funny that it's more popular with parents than with babies; maybe toddlers will appreciate it more?

On the sad-and-lacking front, I've still not managed to get that shirt pattern ready for sale.  I think I want to lengthen the sleeves and widen the neck.  One day soon?!

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